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Affiliate Program

What is an affiliate program?
Make money with your own website, it is easy to earn money with our affiliate program. All you need to do is provide a link back to LE website from your website. You can promote LE product on website, blog, facebook or other online location. When customer clicks on the link and buys from LE, you will receive commission from the sale you successful refer. The more links you add, the money you will make.



How Affiliate Program Works?

How Affiliate Program Works



Why Choose Us?


Why Choose Us


How to Join Us?

Sign up the affiliate networks of ShareASale, click on the link to apply:

If you are already working with ShareASale, please search our MerchantID 67206.

We look forward to welcoming you on board. and We will approve your application within 48 hours. Once you are approved you can immediately upload links from ShareASale and start earning money straight away! If you have any problems, you can contact us at



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