Dressing Room Lighting Solution Dressing Room Lighting Design Solutions

March 16, 2013 by Sarah Longfellow

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Dressing areas can be part of the bedroom or a stand-alone room. In the bedroom, directing light towards the cupboards, either with a concealed strip or a directional downlight, can be effective, as this lights the interior when the cupboards are opened and adds a soft reflected light to the room when they are closed.

There are various solutions for inside the cupboard. One of the most popular but also one of the most expensive solutions is the clothes rail with integrated lighting (usually a white LED source). This looks good, but is not as effective as the tried-and tested method of a striplight behind a pelmet, which gives a more even light to the front of the0 hanging clothes. Another trick is to have a strip at the back of a shelf above a clothes rail, casting lighting up and down. Lighting cupboards can almost reach retail levels – for example, shoe niches can be individually lit with tiny LEDs.

These types of information light can be controlled by a door-operated switch, which is effective as long as the doors are closed, but will stay on if they are left open. The other solution is a presence detector with a small sensor in the ceiling of the cupboard. The light comes on when you stand in front of the cupboard and goes off after a while when you leave the area.

In stand-alone dressing rooms, it is important to introduce an element of indirect light. This is often best achieved by uplighting from the top of the cupboards, as long as there is at least 150-200mm above them. If the dressing room leads from the top of the cupboards, as long as there is at least 150-200mm above them. If the dressing room leads from the bedroom to the bedroom, a low-level nightlight can be useful, especially one on a presence detector to avoid having to find the switch.

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