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110-120 V AC RGB LED Strip Light Kit, Outdoor Christmas Lights, Color Changing, Waterproof IP65, LED Tape, Pack of 164ft/50m

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Decorative and ambient 110-120 V AC LED Strip Light Kit for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Saint Valentine Day, Halloween, Weddings, Parties, etc. Ideal for home, hotels, clubs, shopping mails and architectural decoration emergency & security and ad sign lighting, etc.

Product Description

Color : RGB Multi color
Size of LEDs: 5050 (5.0mm*5.0mm) 
Length per roll: 50m 
LEDs Quantity: 60/m (total 3000 per roll) 
Working Voltage: 110-120 V AC 
Waterproof: Yes 
Super bright. 60 units 5050 SMD LEDs per meter, the brightness of 5050 LEDs is 3 times as 3528 version. 
Waterproof. IP 65.  Can be used in outdoor. 
Easy Installation. Plug and play without wiring. 
Flexible. Slim, compact and flexible PCB strip. Applicable for bendable or angled patterns, or in continuous rows. 
Cuttable and linkable.  It can be cut in every 1m/3.28ft meter along the cutting marks, without damaging the rest strips. 
Components Saving. Can be directly connected into main supply, no power adapter, transformer or driver is required. 
Two Power plug and mounting buckles are included. 
High Voltage.  Low voltage drop. More little light attenuation, well-distribute lighting in the whole 50 m strips. 
Reduce re-lamp frequency.  Lifespan is over 50,000 hrs. Save effort and labor costs on changing lights frequently. 
Widely applicable. Not only be cut in sections, but only can run in max 25 meters with one power plug, 50 meters with two power plug at least. It is convenient and cost-saving for large outdoor projects. 
Eco-Friendly. No lead or mercury
It is convenient and cost-saving for large outdoor projects. Perfect mood lighting solution in house, office, club, shop, pub, restaurant, bar etc.

Package Package Includes:

1 x 50M 5050 RGB Waterproof LED Striplight (can be controlled by switch button or by remote controller)
2x US Power Plug (Mains Power)      (To get more power plugs, please search 5000064)
1 x End Cap      (To get more end caps, please search 5000043 )
1 x 4-Pin Strip to Strip In-line Connector    (To get more connectors, please search 5000056 )
50 x Mounting Buckles   (To get more buckles, please search 5000045 )



1. Please unroll the strip before light it up.
2. The led strip works well with both power plug (5000064), you can cut and link the strip to the power plug as you want.
3. This RGB led strip light is of 50 meters length, there are two power plugs included. Since the power supply that we provided can run 25 meters only, so you need to cut the 50 meters along the cutting mark into two half (25 meter per half), then connect them with 2 power plugs separately.
4. Please don't connect the strip light more than 25 meters with one power plug.
5. The power plug is not waterproof, please take certain action to protect it if it is installed outdoor.

How to Install Guide

Download The Guide


SKU 4100063-RGB-US LED Type 5050 SMD LED
LED Quantity (Units/M) 60 Frequency (hz) 60
Rated lifetime (h) 25000 Switching Cycles 50000
Warranty 1 Year Package Quantity Pack of 50M
Input Voltage (v) 110-120 AC Dimmable Dimmable
Certification CE, RoHS Light Color Multi-colored
Width (in) 0.55 Length (in) 39.37
Shock Proof Yes Wattage (W/M) 14.4
Waterproof Yes Protection Rating IP65


19 Reviews
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  • By  Corey Alexander

    on  Oct 23, 2015

    Verified Buyer
    Nice! But bad packaging; different than described
    "First off, let me state that I am quite pleased with this, so far. Just got it last night, cut strip in half, connected power supplies, and confirmed they work. So haven't hung them yet, but will soon. They are bright. Really bright. And the different colors look great. And, it turns out that it's much more functional than the product description states.

    Now the negative. This heavy. Heavy enough that it really needs to be better packed for shipment. Received in box just big enough for the 50m spool. A small bag of hanging clips and a single strip-to-strip connector were tucked in corner of box. Came with one power adapter already connected. There were two plastic packages each containing a black power adapter, 4-pin connector for power adapter, remote control, two AAA batteries, and a very small instruction card for remote. Again, one power adapter was out of its packaging, already connected to strip. But these two pieces of packaging barely fit into the box. One might argue that they do not really fit, as they were somewhat smashed. In one of the packages, the two AAA batteries were literally crushed, not something I've ever seen before - so I discarded the batteries that came with them, and used fresh Duracell's instead. Fortunately, nothing functional seemed to be damaged, but from what I saw of how it was all packed, that seems the result of luck more than anything else.

    There was one end cap already connected at one end of the strip. But there were no other end caps included, not even the single one I need to cap the end of one 25m strip after cutting the 50m strip in half. So having to order a pack of end caps, at $3.65 for 10. Small price to pay, as there are other differences here that I really like...

    First, the power adapters are different. Product description shows white power adapters, and describes button on power adapter to control strip. Also, after ready the FAQs, I was convinced that this strip would not work with a remote control. Well, the black power adapters that came with it also have a 6" IR pigtail, allowing their use with either of the two remote controls included. The remote controls, by the way, provide 16 total modes - more than the 8 modes described: Solid/steady white, blue, red, or green; 12 other solid/steady hues; 2 color jump modes (very fast color changes), one with 3 base colors, another with 7 colors; and 2 color fade modes (appears to fade/cycle from color to color about every 5 seconds or so), one with 3 base colors, another with 7 colors. Also, in spite of the FAQs saying that only the white color is dimmable, I've confirmed that at least white plus the 3 base colors are in fact dimmable.

    The remote controls that were not described in product description, and the fact that they provide so many additional modes plus dimming, is really what gets me over the fact that it was poorly packaged, with a few missing pieces and some very minor damage (batteries).

    The instructions state to cut every 1m, however, the strips themselves have cut marks every 0.5m. And the cut marks are clearly identified with a little scissors icon. Highly recommend cutting at exactly that mark, and using scissors. I initially used wire cutters, given the thickness of the coated strips, but this caused me to miss the actual cut mark. I was not able to properly connect the power adapter after first cut. So I cut another 0.5m off, using scissors at actual cut mark, and this time had no problem connecting power adapter.

    Instructions overall leave a lot to be desired, but this isn't too complicate to figure out. Beyond the 1m vs 0.5m cut mark discrepancy, I was also surprised by a statement in the instructions about the mounting clips. It comes with 50 mounting clips, and instructions say to mount clip every 1m, so that works out. But instructions also make a statement about durability of mounting clips, recommending, literally, to replace mounting clips once a year. Maybe an overstated disclaimer resulting from the cheap feel of the clips... Anyway, I'm not using what came with it - regardless of the statement about this in the instructions, these clips just feel a bit too flimsy to hold the strips up long-term.

    The power adapters themselves are NOT waterproof - big letters on them saying so, if it's not otherwise obvious. So if using outdoors, they will have to be protected. Would have been really nice to include a 1-2m lead wire to connect between the power adapter and the strip itself. As it is, the power adapter has maybe 1' on its plug end, and maybe another 1' strip connection end, after which the LED stip immediately starts. Given that it's likely rare for the outlet supplying power to be located right where LED strip should start, I'd estimate that 1-2m at least of LED strip will end up exposed in unintended location. For example, I want to install under house eaves, but this means that at least 1m of the LED strip will be visible going up the side of wall, rather than starting cleanly under eaves.

    Waterproof strip itself looks good, presuming connections and end caps are properly waterproofed. So lifespan will really boil down to how long the power adapters and LED strip itself will last. At least power adapters are inexpensive - I might order a couple as backups, just in case they are hard to find later when/if one fails."
    104 of 107   people found this review helpful.was this review helpful?
  • By  Stanley Kowalski

    on  Feb 16, 2015

    Unverified Buyer
    Bright and reliable
    "This was as advertised and a great value,"
    9 of 15   people found this review helpful.was this review helpful?
  • By  Stanley Kowalski

    on  Feb 16, 2015

    Unverified Buyer
    Bright and reliable
    "This was as advertised and a great value,"
    7 of 9   people found this review helpful.was this review helpful?
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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • Question:
    Can I operate multiple strips off 1 remote?
    By Scott on 8/21/2017
    Dear Scott,
    Welcome to LE website.
    As for your question, one remote cannot control several strips synchronously. However, the strips may interfere with each other if they are very closed.
    If you have other question or concern, please feel free to contact us at service@lightingever.com.
    Thanks and regards,
    LE Product Question Team
    By Andrea on 8/21/2017
  • Question:
    I want to use these in eaves and want them to be switched inside without the remote. If turned off then back on will they come back on at previous setting of color and brightness? Also do they have a setting to strobe or is it only pick one color from remote. I would like to use them as Christmas lights and be able to go from red to green for example.
    By Jade on 8/15/2017
    Dear Jade,
    Welcome to LE website.
    As for your question, yes, they will come back on at previous setting of color and brightness if f turned off then back. They do have the strobe function.
    If you have other question or concern, please feel free to contact us at services@lightingever.com.
    Thanks and regards,
    LE Product Question Team
    By Andrea on 8/16/2017
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